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Our EP „SOBER AND NICE“ comes as a digital download in MP3 format.

The trade magazine Guitar & Bass wrote in the 05/2015 issue about our debut:
„With rough bottleneck attacks, crashing rhythm guitars and a lively rhythm section, it’s off to the Mississippi Delta. Old country blues, southern rock and the more modern approach of Jack White are mixed into a hot brew. Sometimes the bathroom shuffles Stoic forward or it stays hypnotically on a fat riff. Great, how the musicians suddenly switch to very quiet parts and then start again. There are also a lot of electrifying background noise between the notes, which make the songs really interesting. Jan Strobel sets the pulse with a Weissenborn lap steel and his overdriven vocal sound. The fuzz sound and the wah-wah fills by Strat player Dennis Krastinat are particularly bold. Sharp juke-joint sound from Hildesheim! „

Release: 31.01.2015

1. Knocking Song – 3:28 Min.
2. River Mud -3:10 Min.
3. Sober And Nice – 3:11 Min.

Listen via bandcamp:

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