The Big Swamp – vinyl record


LP (Vinyl)
8  Titel, gatefold sleeve
Label: Rockers Records

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LP (Vinyl)
8  Titel, gatefold sleeve
Label: Rockers Records

The first The Big Swamp vinyl release contains seven songs from the previous CD releases as well as „If Boogie Is A Sin, You Gotta Sell Your Soul“ – another composition of the band with a strong character.
The LP was pressed in top quality by Pallas and comes in an elaborate and lovingly designed thick flap cover. The mastering fine-tuning for the vinyl was given to The Big Swamp compilation in Nashville, Tennessee.

Side A:
1. Win And Go – 4:29 Min.
2. She´s Dynamite – 4:27 Min.
3. NEW If Boogie Is A Sin, You Gotta Sell Your Soul – 4:28 Min.
4. Sorcery – 5:52 Min.

Side B:
1. River Mud – 3:10 Min.
2. Sweet Whiskey – 5:58 Min.
3. Heavy Load – 5:44 Min.
4. Red River – 6:31 Min.

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Größe 37 × 33 × 2 cm

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